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About us



Owner of this web page:

Florian Dürmer
Großfriedrichsburger Str. 27
81827 München

Call:  0049 (0)89 coming soon
Fax: 03212 - 1260460

Tax Nr. 144/206/80873






Conception, design, programming:

Nele Rabus
Benefiziat-Bach-Straße 6
82152 Planegg


Call: 0049 (0)89 - 20356038
Fax: 03212 - 6353666


E-Mail: nele.rabus(at)gmx.de




German Law: that means, we dont have to show sales tax:

(Aufgrund des Kleinunternehmerstatus gem. § 19 UStG erheben wir
keine Umsatzsteuer und weisen diese daher auch nicht aus.)



For the links attached to florian-duermer.de is that I have no control over the content and design of the pages. So I had to distance myself from the contents of all linked pages. If anyone still go through an attached to florian-duermer.de link to a site with questionable content, please include message to me so that I can check it.