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Rua de Praia - Mindelo

Look at the different vanishing points, how das it work?

The heart of Mindelo is "Rua de Praia"

Primal in the 19th Century it developed into a cosmopolitan metropolis.

If you come here early in the morning, you are amazed about the athleticism of this 60,000
" Soul village”. Like Metropolitan ones, they jog here at 5 am.

The “Rua de Pria” bears witness to its former position. Doesn´t it deserves the title of "World Culture Heritage"?

Hoarding water and coal, ships stay here on their way to India, Africa and South America
and sailors could be entertained for the time being here.

1874 the first transatlantic cable from London over Madeira made here a short stop to be drawn to Brazil. Mindelo became the cultural Center of Cabo Verde and produced world-class artists.