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The old pier of "Vila do Maio"

The small island of Maio is located in the southeast of Cabo Verde. The flat desert-like island with only some little hills, was formerly inhabited by herdman slaves. Today there live on some fishery, charcoal and agriculture, but primarily on the emigration. On the western neighboring island Santiago, there is buzzing with activity, on Boa Vista, the island just north is booming by tourismus, but on Maio, the island between, seems forgotten by time.

Forgotten by time?
If you look closely you can see the passage of time by hike the shadow
and with some distance - at the expiration of things.

Quickly shoot the morning sun high up the horizon, it stays all day long in the zenith,
and plunges into the sea at night, where it burns up. You listen to the wind and the raging waves, taste the salt on your lips and sometimes feel the sand in your eyes.
Occasionally, there is one question, how long am I here?

An image for hot summer days
Bom dia